ASA 104

  • ASA 104
  • ASA 104
  • ASA 104
  • ASA 104
  • ASA 104
  • ASA 104
  • ASA 104
  • ASA 104
  • ASA 104
  • ASA 104
  • ASA 104
  • ASA 104

ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising

Learn how to sail a boat with the engine of 30 to 45 feet during a multi-day cruise on land / coastal waters with moderate / heavy winds and sea conditions. Learn more about equipment, boat systems, auxiliary engines, advanced sailing boats, coastal navigation, anchoring / berth, engagement, emergency operations, time and more.


ASA 101, Basic sailing on sailing boat ASA 103, Basic coastal cruise and the ability to demonstrate competences in all elements of knowledge and skills of these standards.


We can offer you 3 days or 7 days course depending on your needs and wishes. You can get your private boat with overnight or just take daily courses .

You can also join the group and be part of ASA crew for a week. In our fleet we have regatta boats and cruising boats. We usually use regatta boats for daily school but it can also be used for overnight in some cases if you don't mind the minimalistic racing interior. At first day you will be introduce to everything and don't be afraid if this is your first time, you can ask any possible question even before you arrive. We'll connect you with your instructor few weeks before so you can getall your answers about the course and sailing plan. You can also tell him about yourself and what would you like to practice more so we can make a nice plan for everybody.


recommends at least 80 hours of sailing on the sea before taking ASA 104.



Bareboat Cruising Made Easy is not just an official ASA Bareboat Cruising Standard (ASA 104) textbook, but also the ultimate source for all sailors who enjoy sailing and destination sailing. It is an all-in-one reference book that includes everything a cruise shipman needs to know, from general planning to technical guidance to sailing tips. From its 4 colors, high-end illustrations and photos to modern, easy-to-read designs, Bareboat Cruising Made Easy is a beauty. The 212 page book was created by a team of professional seafarers, writers, editors and artists who shaped the content together, making it the most useful, the most comprehensive and comprehensive manual for chartering / cruising.


Program :

Duration: 6 days

Language of the course: English

Arrival and first meeting: Saturday at 17:00

End of the course:

Friday afternoon + overnight till Saturday

Accommodation: 7 night (Saturday-Saturday)

Aboard of a sailing yacht in a double bed cabins ( supplement single on request)

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"First sailing school certified by American Sailing Association in Croatia and one of just few in Europe. Certified sailing courses by asa."
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Address: Marije K.Kozulić 2, 51000 Rijeka
Tel: +385 99 215 49 77
working hours 09: 00-17: 00 each day / Sunday closed

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